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White Night in Kosice (There is a Racist Joke in There Somewhere)

On the eve of the Kosice Peace Marathon (an event I’ll try to make fun of in the next blog), there was a happening in the city center called White Night. According to its web page, it is basically a franchise that started in Paris and spread a bit over Europe.

It included numerous modern art installations created by both local and international artists, using light, sound, colors, winds, smells (NOT the same thing), and the good old tradition of us locals to go and see what is up downtown (since there is nothing ever going on there). Although some of them were of questionable quality (questions like: What the hell is this supposed to represent?, asks the crowd standing in front of a church with a couple of light bulbs lighting the top of the facade), while others were quite entertaining and eye-catching.

So exciting, right?!

Slimy-looking green instead of slimy-looking water that runs near the Theater

OK, the bottles are not that slimy, just greenish, unlike the water - which is brown

The bottles along the street were kind of cool, especially associated with the street lighting turned off (on purpose, or so I hope) it really popped out.

Although not specifically installed for the Night, a lot of people enjoyed the fountain nonetheless

The Local Fountain that Shoots Colors Every Day (Unless It Does Not)

Although not an official part of the Night, the city fountain drew a lot of attention (mainly because it was working this time). One has to admit, minus the awful, AWFUL bells that are so out of tune all the time, trying to chime whatever-it-should-be (I guess The Beatles most of the time, but no one can tell, they’re so … abysmal), the fountain is … nice.

This cathedral is right next to the fountain

Another part in the show

Another...oh, you know

The Ghost

The same street, although with significantly less colors here

One of the side streets was largely based on colorfulness combined with tree leaves, it looked good, kind of like a toxic autumn. Oh, and there was an environmental installation focused on excessive forest clearing. But that one was using sound, so it was a bit hard to take a photo of it.

Another fountain in one of the side streets

A poke at the (post)modern consumer society where everybody is SO different

A lot of candles in this street, I heard people saying it was the nicest in the city, and you could see why, it has something to it, especially with the derelict buildings and a pavement as if cut out from Dresden 1944

Did I say derelict? I meant Fallout lookalikes

Same old, same old. But you have to admit it looks better with the candles. Takes the focus away from the dirt, I guess

The Coup d'etat, or something de resistance, whatever is the one I meant. An installation by the Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen

Guneriussen set up lamps in the City Park to create a Fairy Land, and I think it worked. People around me seemed to enjoy it, judging by all the aaah, uuuh, and ooohs flying around

Lamp Mushrooms

Mama mushroom and a lot of mould around

Another angle, same forest

All in all, I was impressed with the happening. It was well organized, with quite a lot of volunteers around (although some were thinking they are in the Secret Service at least, that’s how important they were), and I even got a map of all the installation. That is much more than your average citizen of Kosice expects, given any other event, so this was a good thing. Plus, I have no idea how much it cost, so even better (and don’t tell me!).

For sure, it was an event much better presented to the public, especially compared to the one that came the day after, but that’s for another day and another set of photos (this time they will all be so similar you”ll think I just took the one).



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